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21-Day Body Boost Program

We have created a special nutrition program which is a whole-foods approach where you will be able to eat delicious satisfying foods, learn about the toxins your exposed to everyday,  provide understanding of what the essential nutrients are needed to support your internal detox process, keep you accountable and on-track, and provide a support group through guided discussions.
Nicole Bryne (E_RYT) has joined up with Calm Nutrition to bring gentle yoga to the program.  This will add to the goal of bringing balance to the whole body.  Included in the program will be a 30-minute gentle yoga practice (suitable for those with no yoga experience).  This will help keep you energized, boost your immune system, and help to process and reduce stress.

"I never knew how food could affect how much I felt.  There was an obvious difference in my joints, in my gut, even my energy when I woke up in the morning.  The educational component was eye-opening, the food program is not a fad diet, the yoga was gentle but effective, and the group meetings kept me on track.  100% glad I did it."  - EsterR

"I joined Yvette Fantham and Nicole Byrne for the 21-Day Body Boost program earlier this year . It brought back balance and well being to my body with eating healthy foods in combination with gentle yoga . I lost 10 lbs, and I was able to learn that I could live without coffee! I highly recommend this  21 Day Body Boost program. "   - MCE

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