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 This 21-Day Body Boost™ will be just what you need to make healthy lifestyle changes for your overall health and wellness! 

~ Testimonials ~

“I was lucky that multiple moms at my kid’s school had done a 21-day cleanse with Ivette and all had wonderful reviews, so I went for it. It has really made a shift in how I approach food, hydration, the process of feeding myself and how to care for my body as a whole. Working with her immensely increased my awareness of nutritional intake and my own bad habits who are the culprit of my constant 10lbs overage. I’m happy to say that while it was nice to loose those 12lbs., what was really great is the ability to keep them off by having re-learned how to eat, re-program my body out of toxic stuff we take so for granted like caffeine, highly processed foods and too much sugar! I have discovered so much decadent, rich, savory and sweet meals and treats that satisfy cravings without stressing my body! This is doable! After this session with Ivette, everything fell into place and now I’m just continuing the things that worked for me and my body. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of a fine tune (or big time change!). Her approach was holistic, gentle and wholesome. ”  - GabyN

“Yvette is excellent at her craft. Her ability to help people thrive and maintain is unmatched. She’s so knowledgeable and positive. I’ve never enjoyed cooking until I met Yvette and joined her program. Now I look forward to creating meals that are healthy and delicious. Thank you Yvette for helping me thrive and truly enjoy fueling my body!”  - MichelleR

"I highly recommend taking Yvette’s 21 Day Body Boost program!  I arrived in my 50's to find that my foods / routines were no longer working. I was faced with fatigue, weight gain and gut issues. I was exhausted and concerned about my overall health if I didn’t make a change. Yvette worked with our group to understand how food impacted our gut health, weight, energy and overall well being. I followed the program and to my surprise I very quickly saw a reversal in my symptoms. The added bonus was the group of women in Yvette’s program became a wonderful support system, texting as a group with words of encouragement and accountability.  Due to some unique health challenges, I continued to meet with Yvette individually following the 21 Day Body Boost. Through those sessions she helped me to further develop and enforce new routines for eating and sleeping. What is the result? My fatigue, gut issues, and weight gain have all reversed. I lost 30 pounds and feel incredibly energetic. I can’t say enough good things about Yvette and her program!"  - JulieT

" I am a huge fan of Calm Nutrition’s 21-Day Body Boost program that is designed by Yvette Fantham, because it is so highly effective. Many of us have busy (and even crazy) lifestyles and may not know the impact of various types of foods on our well-being. Yvette’s program aims at educating us and helping us build the awareness about how food impacts our physical energy and therefore also our mental wellness. Her program is optimized to help us perform well in all aspects. It has some really interesting breakthrough approaches that may seem obvious but under Yvette’s expert guidance, weekly touch base and the small-group sessions that she runs, really help us to gain a longer lasting focus and approach for well-being. I have been in her program twice for that reason and will most likely repeat with her 21-Day reBoost program at least annually."  - PurviG

"I highly recommend the 21 Day Body Boost program for anyone looking to make positive changes to not only their diet, but to their overall lifestyle. Yvette has put together a wonderful, supportive and extremely educational program to help guide you on your journey to health and wellness. Not only will you be shown what dietary changes to make, but also learn why. Yvette is extremely knowledgeable and does a great job of not only supporting the group throughout the 21 days, but each individual as well. If you are on the fence about whether or not to do the program, just do it!  You won’t be disappointed!!" - NicoleB

"When I was looking at opportunities to better enhance my already improving situation (fine tune), it was to always better define myself and what could be done to get me to the next level. Choosing to enhance my existing  situation with and incorporate Yvette and her 21 day program was the best thing I  did. Like jet fuel!! Yvette pointed out the finer things that I was stuck in the mud with which improved my BMI numbers and I am grateful. Glad to have Yvette as my "Team Director " (she hates that term... I think.. lol ) of Cycle of Life!! "  - XabierB

"Perfect blend of education combined with really delicious recipes and a supportive community! Great habits have stuck and I have new tricks to reduce inflammation."  - JenniferJ

"With Yvette's knowledge and experience and her gentle approach, she easily creates a foundation for others to support, learn and change while on their individual paths back to health". - MariaM

"Yvette Fantham's Calm Nutrition 21-Day Body Boost is an amazing program.  With Yvette's subtle guidance and vast knowledge of nutritional food values and healthy eating habits, her program is a life changing opportunity to set your body up for success.  It is truly transformative both physically and emotionally.  My husband and I participated in the Calm Nutrition 21-Day Body Boost last Spring.  After going through this program, we feel and look lighter and healthier.  The pain from overall inflammation disappeared and we both have more energy and drive.  The program has left us with a clear understanding of how foods affect our bodies, minds and over all well-being.  Yvette's honest, authentic and genuine care shines through and she continues to follow-up and check-in on our well being and continued progress."

- AllynT

"I never knew how food could affect how much I felt.  There was an obvious difference in my joints, in my gut, even my energy when I woke up in the morning.  The educational component was eye-opening, the food program is not a fad diet, the yoga was gentle but effective, and the group meetings kept me on track.  100% glad I did it."  - EsterR

"For the first time in my life I learned how to eat, what to eat and when to eat!

I was doing it all wrong. No wonder I had a headache everyday with brain fog and exhaustion.   Not to mention the irritability coupled with spurts of anxiety.  I exercise daily but I wasn’t losing weight. In fact I was gaining!

This program has challenged me to prioritize my health and wellness by taking the time to think about what nutrients I should be consuming daily in order to effectively carry out my duties at home and at work with more patience.

What I’ve noticed the most is my bloating and cravings have decreased.

During my daily exercise I notice that I have more stamina and feel much stronger and less sore.

Listen to Yvette and you will be glad you did!" - DanielleC 

"I joined Yvette Fantham and Nicole Byrne for the 21-Day Body Boost program earlier this year . It brought back balance and well being to my body with eating healthy foods in combination with gentle yoga . I lost 10 lbs, and I was able to learn that I could live without coffee! I highly recommend this 21-Day Body Boost program."   - MCE

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